Our Features

1. Software development and maintenance

Digital fuel data solutions provides dynamic enterprise-based high quality custom-built, user specific solutions.
Digital fuel data solutions understands that each software product is unique.

Using specialized tools and methodologies, digital fuel data solutions derives customer’s specification to near accuracy levels for building solutions. We follow structured ISO methodologies to design, develop, test and implement the integrated solutions.

We have expertise in

• Client server applications
• XML applications
• .NET services
• Web service based .NET application development
• J2EE/Java based programs

Products Include

Web CMS – Internet enabled cane management system

Expense Tracking System – Web enabled system to monitor budget vs. actual expense
Field Monitoring System – Internet enabled, SMS based field monitoring systems for micro finance companies and retail customers

2 .Digital Marketing Activities

We created Chain integration for marketing activity which provides a range of digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Mobile, Design and Website Analytics.

Our team digital experts will guide you and been part of the projects help you achieve amazing results.

digital and social marketing services helps you in leveraging modern digital media (including social platforms, web, devices, and more) to have a better reach and effective communication with your targeted audience by creating custom conversions which gives us creating a look alike audience and thus can enhance your business. Our dedicated team of digital marketing focuses on the customer’s journey.

Our team creates easy to find, inspiring and engaging content for your marketing initiatives to influence your targeted audience to join your network or buy your products and services.

Many businesses engage in online marketing tactics without actually tracking their effectiveness; therefore, they lose time and money.

3 .Website Development Services

At digital fuel data solutions, we build products that people will love to use, engage and become a potential customers. Whether it’s a brand new site or a redesign, our web design and development services are custom-built to fit your business needs.

As the development landscape continuously evolves, we are committed to keeping up with the times .

Improving the process and identifying bugs are one of the primary components of success In addition, we never keep this knowledge to ourselves digital data solutions engineers leave findings open sourced for others, and in doing so, promote technological collaboration and progress.

Our team chases the latest technology to build the best products for you and your customers. Our pursuit of better code never ends.

Websites have become one of the prime ways to reach virtually, a universe of prospects within an unimaginably short span of time.

Especially, with the increasing weightage on global trade & commerce, Web design and development are indispensable for the completion of an integrated online marketing effort.

4 .Public Relations & Public Affairs Services

Digital fuel data solutions services gives end-users professionalism, strategic thinking and experience of a large global agency, but operates with the nimbleness and hands‐on clients focus of a small firm.

We are unique for a company our size in offering an in‐house combination of public relations, creative services and digital / social media capabilities.

Through our Public Relations practice, digital data solutions executes a full range of public relations services supporting a national client base across a wide range of industry sectors.

Industry sectors in which the agency has significant experience include: business-to-business; consumer products/services; education and educational institutions; financial services; healthcare; government and non-profit organizations; professional services; technology; telecommunications; trade associations; transportation; and more.

We are engaging always

From a powerful foundation in PR, we’ve evolved into a leading global communications agency, delivering daily on what we do best: engage.

We earn attention and incite action on behalf of the best brands and organizations worldwide – by championing integration and using the most innovative platforms and tools. Yet no matter the technology, we place people, culture and relationships at the heart. Always